Nairobi, Kenya Conference Communications & Outreach Consultant

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East-Africa based, preferred Nairobi, Kenya; Remote Planning
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CORE Group


CORE, Inc. (CORE Group) is a leader in global community health, working to end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths around the world. We have a comparative advantage through collaborative action to promote and safeguard health in communities and create new models for reaching the most marginalized populations. As a neutral, trusted platform for a coalition of more than 100 members, we work together with the broader global health community to foster collaboration and learning, strengthen technical capacity, develop innovative tools and resources, and scale evidence-based approaches to improving health. Learn more here:

Job Description:

The Global Health Practitioner Conference (GHPC) is CORE Group’s flagship annual event that brings together over 300 implementers, academics, donors, private sector, and other community health advocates  for peer learning and networking. This multi-day, content rich meeting features knowledge sharing and skills building sessions, state-of-the-art updates on maternal and child health, dialogues on community health, and Working Group planning, all led by CORE Group’s Technical Working Groups and Interest Groups in collaboration with partner institutions, government ministries, UN, and other stakeholders.

CORE Group will hold its first global community health conference in Nairobi, Kenya on October 14-16, 2019 at the Safari Park Hotel & Casino. A Global Planning Committee will lead the conference theme selection and related tracks, with input from CORE Group’s membership and guidance from a Conference Organizer and Facilitator and CORE Group’s Executive Director (ED). The conference must meet the global community’s expectations, be focused on improving the quality of community health, and offer practical tools and information to improve practitioner skills.

The Conference Communications and Outreach Consultant will develop a short term (February to October 2019) communications plan to implement the following responsibilities: (1) create a timeline of conference communications and outreach activities leading up to the conference; (2) identify and liaise with multi-level and multi-sector dissemination and outreach channels and platforms (INGOs, NGOs, Government, Academia, Youth, Private Sector and News and Social Media, and more) as outreach partners to raise the profile of the Nairobi-based GHPC; (3) co-develop communications and outreach tools and products pre-conference, during the conference, and post-conference; and (4) co-manage general communications during the conference.

This position will work closely with CORE Group’s Knowledge Management (KM) & Communications Team to implement the responsibilities. This position will also lead the start-up and facilitate the proposed Communications and Outreach Conference Sub-Committee under the Global Planning Committee.

CORE Group’s Operations & Accounts Manager will handle all the logistical arrangements including hotel contracting, registration, supplies, travel for the consultant, and staff support during the conference.

Responsibilities include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Create a timeline of conference communications and outreach activities leading up to the conference.
    • Meet with CORE Group’s KM and Communications Team to verify roles and responsibilities, general and conference-related
    • Attend Global Planning Committee Meetings to be up-to-date with conference development and logistics
    • Create infrastructure (e.g. Google Drive folder) and system for all conference communication and outreach materials
    • Identify important deliverables (e.g. dissemination channels, sponsors and partners list, session information, program booklet, etc.) and deadlines (e.g. call for session abstracts, registration, etc.) for timeline
    • Conduct regular check-in with CORE Group KM & Communications Team to track progress
  2. Identify and liaise with multi-level and multi-sector dissemination and outreach channels as outreach partners.
    • Channel categories should include INGOs, NGOs, Government, Academia, Youth, Private Sector and News and Social Media and more
    • Send out a Call for Outreach Partners to CORE Group’s International Community Health Network
    • Coordinate with CORE Group’s Executive Director to target specific contacts
    • Create a “living” list of dissemination and outreach channels
    • Create an outreach plan, identifying important outreach dates and appropriate branding and messaging
  3. Develop communications and outreach tools and products pre-conference, during the conference, and post-conference.
    1. Pre-Conference: specialized public-facing conference announcements (e.g. attendee profiles, why you should attend GHPC?, etc.); outreach partner messaging package; press release
    2. During the Conference: social media toolkit
    3. Post-Conference: support conference facilitator in producing conference report; guidelines on conference communications and outreach for future internal use
  4. Perform general communications responsibilities per the Conference Communications Operations Plan.



The consultant will be compensated for services based on CORE Group’s acceptance of deliverables, based on an agreed upon schedule. Consultant’s hourly rate will be based on previous work history. Payment will be made upon submission of a detailed invoice listing work by date with key tasks rendered on behalf of CORE Group and acceptance of any deliverable.

Administrative expenses for phone calls, parking for the duration of the conference at the venue, and other allowable expenses will not exceed an agreed amount. Travel arrangements and accommodations will be coordinated with CORE Group Staff and pre-paid by CORE Group when possible. Those expenses will be reimbursed up to the per diem rate with receipts, as well as meals and incidentals while traveling and on-site for the conference.

Access the print copy of the job description here.

  • Knowledge of community health approaches used in the NGO community
  • Knowledge of various stakeholders of community health
  • Prior experience in global health communications and event production
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English
  • High level of organization skills
Please email your resume and cover letter, highlighting conference communications experience, and hourly rate based on previous work history to Please use “Nairobi, Kenya Conference Comms” as the subject line – no phone calls please. Only potential interviewees will be contacted.