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Risk Pool Fund

The business of philanthropy is inherently risky. Even tried-and-true interventions can hit unexpected roadblocks during implementation. Yet the philanthropic sector lacks mechanisms to support NGOs when projects face challenges, thus placing the onus of dealing with risk management squarely on grantees and the populations they serve.

As a result, impact is often compromised or lost for a lack of relatively insignificant amounts of contingency funds. The Risk Pool Fund was created to solve for this problem. The pool provides grants to a set of pre-selected grantees of participating Risk Pool Fund Members that will enable grantees to address unforeseen, mid-implementation obstacles and non-routine problems that could put an otherwise fully-funded project at risk. By distributing risk among a group of donors and implementers who share a common programmatic focus (in this case, maternal and child health and nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa), the Risk Pool Fund aims to ensure impact for both the NGOs and the funders. Ultimately, this group hopes to create a replicable model for risk mitigation in development.

Our Grant Making System:

The Risk Pool Fund is reserved for scenarios where a grantee has encountered an unexpected roadblock for which they are able and ready to implement a discrete solution that will enable the project to remain on track. The Risk Pool Fund is not open to the public and does not accept unsolicited proposals.

A grantee project will be eligible to receive grants from the Risk Pool Fund if the grantee
can demonstrate that they have:

• Encountered an unexpected roadblock or obstacle that will prevent them from fulfilling
the impact of the original grant

• A proposed discrete and lasting solution(s) which will preserve, ensure and/or restore
the intended impact of the project

• The capacity, knowledge and skills necessary to implement the proposed, discrete

• The ability to implement the proposed solution(s) within the timeline of the original
grant, or if the project is delayed because of the roadblock within a timeline expressly
understood and approved as part of the application

• The ability to implement the proposed solution(s) to address the roadblock with Risk
Pool Funds in the amount of $100,000 or less.


The purpose of this contract is to implement a standardized application system by which the Fund may streamline the application process, and more effectively track the data of its diverse applicants. By implementing this standardized application system we hope to better understand, both in the short-term (1-2 years) and longer-term (3-5 years), the consistencies and variables across the Fund. In addition, we hope that through this process we are able to more clearly understand and then articulate the trends associated with successful and unsuccessful Fund applicants, ways in which the funds are utilized and the potential impact on the success of the program.

The independent consultant will play a crucial role in guiding the Fund to collect the right data. By asking the right questions now, we hope to be able to have stronger analysis in the years ahead so that we can make informed decisions about our funding and our model. In addition, it is our intention that through this process, the consultant will identify ways in which to prioritize the most crucial data that must be collected and the easiest ways for our grantees to provide that information while understanding that they are operating in an emergency context and that time is of the essence.

Key Responsibilities:

The independent consultant will be responsible for the creation and implementation of a new application system and process for the Fund that allows the Fund to be pragmatic and streamlined in its collection of data from grantees.

Organize calls with internal and external stakeholders as needed
Facilitate the preparation, finalization, and presentation of all deliverables
Maintain records and notes of all meetings and conversations
Facilitate the preparation, finalization, and presentation of all deliverables
Other responsibilities as designated after finalization of the work plan


Success for the independent consultant is defined as increasing the efficiency of the application process and developing the monitoring, evaluation and learning system for the Fund. The motivation is that this will better capture how the funds are implemented to in turn create an effective, measurable high-quality program.

This will be achieved by meeting the following objectives:

i) Identify gaps and challenges in the current application process.

ii) Based on the results of the research, prepare a draft M&E methodology, including appropriate targets and indicators, evaluation criteria, risk logs, and data collection and assessment tools.

iii) Develop and M&E framework for the Risk Fund.

iv) Deliver a Training on the M&E methodology, data analysis and reporting for the Risk Pool Fund staff and funders.

Location: This position is a remote position and will coordinate with the Fund Manager who is based in the United States in the Eastern Standard time zone (EST).


Finalized M&E methodology including appropriate targets and indicators, evaluation criteria, risk logs, and data collection and assessment tools.

Updated grant application and grant report.
M&E training for staff and funders.
Final Consultancy Report including accomplishments undertaken during the consultancy period.

Application dashboard or external monitoring tool for funders to have 24/7 access to.

Confidentiality Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Before starting work on the project, the independent consultant will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with the Risk Pool Fund regarding all information which they would become aware of in the context of this assignment.

The Risk Pool Fund shall possess the copyright of all the works produced by the consultant within this consultancy task and the consultant must not share any information, data, or analysis related to or born from this task with anyone other than the Risk Pool Fund, without the Risk Pool Fund’s express consent.

Budget: $500 per day and anticipated 10-15 days of work.

Timeline: May 1 – June 15, 2019 (With a preference for the contract to start sooner)

  • Masters and/or Ph.D. in international public health, international development or other relevant areas
  • At least 5 years of experience in international public health with significant field-level M&E and program implementation experience
  • Strong expertise in monitoring and evaluation, including both qualitative and quantitative data collection & analysis methods
  • Experience with strategic program development
  • Experience in development and writing of grant writing experience
  • Eagerness to ask tough questions, challenge mainstream ideas, and demand the highest standards of program quality and scientific rigor
  • Creative and strategic thinker
  • Highly organized with attention to detail
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