Hub Coordinator Agency for All Regional Hubs (Three positions available; one in East Africa, West Africa, and Southeast Asia).

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: Remote, must live in East Africa, West Africa and Southeast Asia Regions
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CORE Group

Agency for All is a five-year (2022-2027) USAID-funded project that will generate evidence on the role of agency in effective social and behavior change (SBC) programming to improve health and well-being for individuals and communities. Our work will advance cross-sector development outcomes including family planning and reproductive health, maternal, newborn and child health, nutrition, infectious disease, and HIV/AIDS. We are committed to advancing principles of inclusion and participation in locally led research, monitoring, and evaluation.

We aim to center local leadership through Hubs in East Africa, West Africa, and South Asia, developing a network of implementing organizations, researchers, community representatives and other stakeholders with expertise and an interest in increasing individual and community agency to improve health.

Built on a strong consortium for collaborative learning on agency and social and behavior change, Agency for All has assembled a diverse and highly experienced consortium of global, regional and country leaders in both implementation and research including: The Center on Gender Equity and Health (GEH) at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), Centre for Catalyzing Change, CORE Group, Equimundo, EVIHDAF, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Makerere University, Matchboxology, Sambodhi, Save the Children, Shujaaz, Inc., University of Witswatersand, and Viamo.

Regional Hubs in East Africa, West Africa, and South Asia provide the learning foundation of the consortium. Within and across these diverse contexts, we will develop a network of SBC implementing organizations, researchers, donors, government stakeholders and community representatives with expertise and a stake in increasing individual and community agency to improve multi-sectoral health outcomes.. Hubs are settings for implementation, and will generate new evidence, incubate measures and methods, and nurture capacity-strengthening for research utilization (RU) within and across their networks. Agency for All will coordinate and harmonize evidence generation and learning across Hubs; assess and strengthen RU capacities; and support mechanisms for sharing and utilizing research for improved global practice.

The Hub Coordinator will work closely with the Agency for All team to plan activities and coordinate with the Learning Collaboratives, (a cooperative effort funded by USAID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation) that seeks to strengthen the capacity of researchers and practitioners across regions and disciplines by building knowledge, generating evidence, and developing tools to apply effective, ethics-informed social norm theory, measurement, and practice at scale). The Coordinator will work in close coordination with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the Agency for All Project. This position will build a solid membership in the region, strengthen capacity of members and ensure that the vision and goals of the Agency for All Project are fulfilled. Additionally, the Coordinator will ensure that momentum towards new commitments to SBC, RU and uptake is maintained. The three Coordinators (West Africa, East Africa, and Southeast Asia) will coordinate and collaborate with each other
in advancing the learnings of the consortium.

General responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the following:

Strategic Planning and Management
• Collaborate with other coordinators and the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT).
• Provide strategic direction for the development of regional hub activities, as well as the overall hub structure for the project and its partners towards the advancement of Agency for All overall goals and strategic objectives across its results areas.
• Build and maintain hub membership in the region and facilitate working well together with the other hubs and Learning Collaboratives.
• Ensure that project activities are in line with regional needs, promotes local leadership and harnessing the uniqueness of the region to cultivate program excellence through participation in SLT activities and strategic planning including reviewing of documents and providing unique regional insights.
• Oversee and actively cultivate coordination among regional and country partners to meet Agency for All commitments towards building agency, strengthening local leadership, building equitable partnership and research utilization and uptake.
• Oversee and monitor the implementation of yearly workplan for the Hub, in close coordination with the Senior Advisor, Social and Behavior Change and Research Utilization and Uptake and the SLT.
• Keep up to date with new trends in the field of SBC and research utilization, other existing hubs and collaborations, uptake and develop partnerships and accountability work, helping identify gaps in research utilization and uptake.
• Ensure the smooth flow of information for the region, including meeting deadlines of all donor rules and regulations and correct internal procedures are followed.
• Develop and maintain close collaboration with Learning Collaboratives, other technical hubs, and research networks, to collaborate, learn and avoid duplication.
• Report on quarterly activities, administration related to activities and projects, and attend meetings to provide thought leadership.

External Relations/Stakeholder Management
• Serve as the spokesperson and primary representative for the Agency for All Hub in the region, highlight its work among partners, donors and institutions.
• Coordinate among partners to facilitate and support research activities, advance local leadership and build agency among, individuals, communities and organizations within the region.
• Handle special projects as required by Agency for All to advance the project’s objectives. Such as, supporting intervention design processes and activities, review and input to research activities (tools, protocols, data review, dissemination), develop and host dissemination products and events.
• Provide technical oversight for the implementation and uptake of all SBC tools, research materials, and partner uptake at the regional Hub level.
• Convene and organize in-person and virtual regional meetings for knowledge sharing, technical consultations on agency, discussion of innovative ways of collaboration, coordination and building local leadership in the region and ensure deliverables are met.
• Oversee the tracking of specific activities that participants in the hub agree to take on and report on the commitments and deliverables.
• Build and manage constructive relationships with key partners, including the CORE Group convening partners, other key stakeholders and donor community.
• Intentionally and proactively contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive partnership that reflects and advances Agency for All deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
• Integrate and align with the project-wide Learning Agenda for Agency for All, in coordination with the Communication/Knowledge Management Specialist and the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor to ensure learnings are aligned with Regional Hubs and support generating priority learning products.
• Based on research findings and stakeholder consultations, coordinate with the SLT to lead the development of knowledge sharing events at the regional and global levels.
• Contribute thought leadership on SBC approaches to agency of country and regional organizations, localized approaches to SBC Research Utilization (RU), decolonization of global health, inclusivity and equity, and community engagement
• Facilitate a supportive working environment in every team and nurture talent, in which potentials and skills are maximized.

Resource Sustainability
• Map out opportunities for Agency for All to engage with strategic partners and donor communities within the region for the sustainability of hub activities, or gauge interest from countries for possible country buy-ins.
• With direction from SLT, develop and liaise with funders interested in investing in SBC Research utilization and uptake, agency and equitable partnerships in the region, particularly those from the donor engagement group.
• Identify opportunities for business development according to the strategy for the region and for the technical areas situated in the region.
• Serve as the primary spokesperson and representative for Agency for All’s Regional Hub within the region and highlight Agency for All’s work extensively to the global community.


Master’s degree in Public Health or Social Sciences, Public Policy, International Development, Administration or related field necessary.
• Demonstrated technical experience in a variety of technical areas (10+ years) and expertise working with low-and-middle-income countries, with equitable approaches.
• Experience in building networks and alliances is highly desirable.
• Experience in technical capacity building of community-based organizations, participatory approaches, and understanding the principles of decolonization of global health, as well as health equity approaches.
• Significant exposure to international development, global health, SBC, research utilization and uptake, and preferably in family planning and reproductive health, maternal, newborn and child health, nutrition, infectious disease, and HIV/AIDS.
• Entrepreneurial individual with exceptional people and office management experience.
• Experience in working with multi-stakeholder partnerships including governments, universities, bi-lateral partners, multi-lateral agencies, civil society organizations, and others.
• Experience working with a non-governmental organization is necessary.
• Experience working with a wide portfolio of donors necessary, as well as intricate knowledge of business development and grant writing. Knowledge of different levels of compliance necessary. Experience/familiarity with USAID projects desirable.
• Project management experience necessary.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Ability to multi-task, solve problems and manage multiple deadlines.
• Must have the ability to work with flexibility in a team setting.
• Fluency in English required. *Regional language required.


To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to Use "Coordinator, A4All Regional Hubs and indicate specific region (East Africa, West Africa, or Southeast Asia)" as the subject line. Only potential interviewees will be contacted. Please apply by 17 February 2023.