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San Diego
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Project Concern International

In April 2020, international development and humanitarian assistance organizations Global Communities (GC) and Project Concern International (PCI) announced a merger in order to expand their work to improve lives and livelihoods in communities at home and around the world. The merger of these two organizations will leverage their complementary but unique geographic footprints and programmatic expertise as an opportunity for two vibrant organizations to advance their missions as a combined entity. Once merged, Global Communities and PCI will form one of the most dynamic U.S.-based international non-governmental organizations.

Both GC and PCI have their founding roots in the U.S., and as part of their new combined strategic goals they have renewed their commitment to working in the U.S. and expanding their domestic programming to build strong, healthy communities and address inequities at home.

The Domestic Growth Strategy Consultant will work with PCI, A Global Communities Partner (PCI/GC), to develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap for growing the organization’s domestic (U.S.) presence and programming. Starting in May 2021 (specific dates TBD), the consultant will work closely with key staff to conduct a U.S. situational and competitive analysis within targeted markets/sectors and funding landscape assessment of donor segments; research alternative business models and strategies for growth; and propose strategic recommendations to organizational leadership to guide needed investments and actions that will position the organization for U.S. growth. The consultancy may be extended beyond June depending on scope of work (SOW) progress and resource availability.

Specifically, the consultant will conduct/produce the following (target completion date for all deliverables is June 30; specific dates to be negotiated with consultant):

  • Participate in kickoff discussion to delineate expectations, finalize scope of work, clarify deliverables and related schedule, share with consultant current thinking and efforts underway, and identify up to 5 key potential expansion / growth areas and/or donor markets (see initial listing below), and co-create a shared vision for the consultancy.
  • Develop detailed plan and timeline for consultancy deliverables, including planning for technical aspects of any information gathering/research (i.e., methods, sources, structure) and practical/logistical needs to optimize coordination with PCI/GC leads and key informants.
  • Benchmarking Study to gather lessons learned about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of growing U.S. programming, how successful organizations are structured and staffed, ideas for strategic partners and alliances, etc.
  • Conduct Situational and Competitive Analysis to yield perspectives on how PCI/GC is/could be situated within key potential expansion / growth areas (see initial listing below), its ability to add value and relative capacity in key potential expansion/growth areas, and competitive mapping within each (mapping of who is doing what / where, who is interested in collaborating and in what way.
  • Conduct Funding Landscape Assessment within selected expansion / growth areas, to identify viable funding strategies including public (federal, state and local) and private sector funding, partnership models, as well as revenue generating and other business models, where appropriate.
  • Present Strategic Recommendations and a Clear Roadmap for U.S. Growth, drawing on findings from preceding tasks, through written report and presentation to internal GC leadership and stakeholders, including U.S. regional and technical leadership.

The consultant will be expected to communicate at least weekly and more as appropriate with assigned Sr. Program Advisor for U.S. Expansion to provide updates, coordinate on activities, plan needed inputs, and process learnings and findings from ongoing research. The Sr. Program Advisor will be responsible for supporting the consultant to define business strategies and will coordinate across organizational units and teams to seek input on opportunities to leverage our combined global experience and best practices to benefit our domestic work, as well as to ensure the integration of the U.S. growth strategies with the organization’s strategic plan.

In addition, the consultant will participate at least monthly in meetings of the advisory committee on U.S. growth (facilitated by the Sr. Program Advisor) to ensure findings and strategies are coordinated / aligned with broader organizational planning efforts.

Initial list of potential markets and growth areas (to be determined with consultant):

  • Diversifying in key technical areas drawing on our U.S. and international experience, including (but not limited to): health and social services (includes MCH, ECD and child vaccinations, NCD, infectious diseases including TB and COVID, trafficking and child protection, mental health, others TBD), migration, health workforce, disaster response/ humanitarian assistance, water and sanitation, climate resilience, with a focus on equity in all areas.
  • Geographic expansion in targeted areas across the U.S. and territories such as the U.S./Mexico Border Region and areas of previous/current programming in Iowa and Illinois, based on ease of expansion, strategic value, programmatic capacity, other considerations.
  • Contracts: Federal Contracts, State and County Contracts where offices are located and in other key geographic areas (i.e., U.S./Mexico Border).
  • Clinical services capacity either as GC or via strategic partnerships to support limited reimbursable direct services aligned with our programming (i.e., administer vaccinations; support midwifery outreach; provide mobile clinic services for hard-to-reach populations).
  • Strategic Partners and alliances that can add value, complement GC competencies and help establish relationships and inroads in key geographies and/or technical/programmatic areas of interest. Could also include key academic or research institutes to help with evidence generation and positioning.
  • Income generating and revenue /business models such as providing TA/training; research and evaluation services; nonprofit capacity building hub; social ventures; retaining local affiliate in San Diego, and other ideas from consultant.
To be considered for this consultancy, we request the following information be submitted on/before 5:00 pm EST on May 5, 2021 (submissions will be reviewed immediately and on a rolling basis and up until a consultant is selected) to Katherine Selchau at Please submit your CV, cover letter, three references, and a completed Biodata form.