Nutrition Knowledge Sharing Event Technical Planner, Facilitator and On-Site Organizer

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Remote/ Raleigh, North Carolina for event
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CORE Group


CORE, Inc. (CORE Group) is a leader in global community health, working to end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths around the world. We have a comparative advantage through collaborative action to promote and safeguard health in communities and create new models for reaching the most marginalized populations. As a neutral, trusted platform for a coalition of more than 100 members, we work together with the broader global health community to foster collaboration and learning, strengthen technical capacity, develop innovative tools and resources, and scale evidence-based approaches to improving health.

CORE Group has partnered with the Eleanor Crook Foundation (ECF) to support their Research, Innovate, Scale and Establish (RISE) in Nutrition grantees. ECF, a US-based family foundation, supports innovative solutions to hunger and malnutrition through two key means: (1) grant support for international NGOs, research institutions and local NGOs; and (2) conducting policy and program advocacy. Three grantees were selected for projects designed to test innovations, delivery mechanisms or practices with the potential to increase the effectiveness of proven nutrition-specific interventions in East Africa. ECF has other grantees in East Africa, that undertake nutrition activities and research.
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ECF has requested CORE Group to undertake the following activities:
1) Design a three-day knowledge sharing meeting for May 2018, to take place in Raleigh, North Carolina with ECF and their grantees. The meeting will be designed in collaboration with ECF needs, as well as results from a nutrition survey completed prior to the event.
2) Facilitate the three-day knowledge sharing meeting for ECF grantees in May 2018, in close collaboration with the CORE Group team and the ECF staff. Facilitate, lead, and implement knowledge capture during the event and post-event follow-up.

The Knowledge Sharing Event Technical Planner, Facilitator and On-Site Organizer will assist with the planning and design of the knowledge sharing event, including planning calls and agenda input, manage content development, learning methodology, and coordinate with all point people, speakers, etc. S/he will work with CORE Group Staff, specifically the Operations & Accounts Manager, who will serve as the primary keeper of the agenda, and support the Communications Team in creation of the event booklet. During the knowledge sharing event, the Consultant will lead CORE Group and ECF staff for the coordination of daily activities, and as directed or discussed, collect flipcharts, oversee evaluation (via Survey Monkey), and support ECF grantees.

CORE Group, specifically the Operations & Accounts Manager, will handle all the logistical arrangements including hotel contracting, registration, supplies, travel for the consultant, and staff support during the
conference. General communications, including the program booklet, will be handled by CORE Group’s communications team, with assistance and input from the consultant.

General responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the following:


• In collaboration with CORE Group Staff, lead the event planning and coordination process with Eleanor Crook Foundation.
o Meet with ECF and CORE Group staff to verify roles/responsibilities.
o Lead planning calls and keep a record of decisions made.
o Encourage and facilitate technical input and support agenda development, as well as coordinate invitation of speakers and special guests, when necessary.
o Contribute rigorous and quality technical expertise to the event, in conjunction with the learning objectives.
o Solicit and recommend activities to make the event fun, energizing and participatory.
o Participate in discussions of any pre- or post- event sessions as needed.
o Contribute to a post-event report to be defined in collaboration with ECF staff.

• Work with Eleanor Crook Foundation and CORE Group Staff to:
o Manage design of sessions with identified Point People for each session.
o Coordinate design and solicitation of feedback on draft agenda content and the final agenda content.
o Design one or more sessions, if needed.

• Work with all session presenters to:
o Ensure each person receives consistent guidance on session design, requirements, participation, etc; and that they follow guidance during session planning
o Ensure that all Point People are on track in terms of recruiting others and designing a session that includes, at a minimum, one participatory activity and other required criteria.
o Support Point People to design sessions where necessary
o Ensure that presenters and content presented is in line with the objectives of the Knowledge Sharing Event and ECF’s goals.

• Support CORE Group Staff to:
o Assign conference rooms for sessions.
o Collect information for event booklet, including a brief description of each session, brief bios from all presenters, and any unique (not standard) materials / AV needed for each session (tentatively need to be collected by mid-March).
o Ensure final agenda and program information is available mid-March and check information for accuracy before Communications staff formats the report.
o Provide handouts or materials for photocopying at least seven days before the event.
o Provide input for event evaluations and review evaluation format.
o Provide guidance on participatory value-added knowledge-building sessions through written guidance and verbal support, as required.


• Serve as the overall event technical planner, organizer/facilitator at the conference, to be held the week of May 14. 2018 , in Raleigh, North Carolina, by arriving by 7:30 am and staying through the close of the meeting. Help ensure the meeting is on-time, engaging, inclusive, culturally-appropriate, respectful, fun, high energy and participatory.
• Coordinate with the Operations & Accounts Manager to make sure volunteer responsibilities (if necessary), as well as responsibilities and procedures for speakers and session organizers are clearly defined and communicated.
• Serve as a facilitator for the event and possibly one or more sessions depending on the final agenda.
• Help conduct openers that engage the audience, make daily announcements, keep time, introduce and moderate sessions, and facilitate discussion as needed.
• Lead a process with CORE Group staff to make any daily scheduling adjustments if presenters’
availability changes or to respond to participant needs.
• Troubleshoot meeting as needed to run smoothly and on schedule.
• Support presenters as needed.
• Ensure that all flipcharts from various sessions are labeled and captured.
• Help distribute and collect “Action Point / Learning” forms from each session.
• Ensure maximum number of meeting evaluations are completed and collected.


• Support follow up tasks post-meeting including development of a report detailing events, key take-aways and next steps, analyzing and summarizing evaluations.
• Participate in a debriefing activity with CORE Group staff.


• Project timeline, objectives, and agenda for the Knowledge Sharing meeting to be held May 2018.
• On-line evaluation survey post- event
• Summary report of evaluation results, highlights of event, and “take-aways/action points” of event sessions


The consultant will be reimbursed for services at an hourly rate (verified by Biodata form) for a maximum of 12 days (96 hours). Payment will be made upon completion of tasks and submission of a detailed invoice listing hourly work by date with key tasks rendered on behalf of CORE and acceptance of any deliverable.

Administrative expenses for phone calls, parking on site at the venue or other expenses will not exceed an agreed amount of allowable expenses.

Only candidates who are eligible to work in the United States will be considered. Relocation package is not available.

• Knowledge of nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive approaches used in countries with high-risk profiles • Education and experience reflective of nutrition, operations research principles, and East African nutritional challenges. • Excellent writing skills. Research experience in mixed methods preferred. • Prior experience in global health event planning, meeting design and organization of agenda • Prior experience in group learning, facilitation and participatory action planning • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English; knowledge of adult learning approaches when working with non-native English speakers • Cross-cultural skills • High level of organization skills
Please send your CV and Cover Letter to Please use “ECF Knowledge Sharing Event Consultant” as the subject line.